Selective Catalytic Reduction

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SCR News & Quick Links

Pilot begins operating nation's 1st fuel island DEF pump

SCR CEO Summit at MATS 2009 - Listen to the podcast from Jim Park of Today's Trucking

2010 Technology Debate Rages (Heavy Duty Trucking Emissions Report)

EZ Fuel Announces Exclusive Agreement with Blue1 to offer DEF Storage Solutions...

Bringing SCR to N.A. takes teamwork (Fleet Owner Online)

The truck stops here - for urea filling (Gerson Lehman Group)

EPA Recognizes Executives at First-Ever SCR CEO Summit at MATS Photos from CEO Summit

NA SCR Stakeholders Debut DEF Equipment and Supplies at MATS

Detroit Diesel introduces DD16 engine with BlueTec technology (

Volvo says trucks with 2010 SCR will eliminate active regeneration (

Cummins Unveils Products for EPA 2010 Regulations (Green Car Congress)

Chemistry key to SCR concept (

MATS: Mack provides real-world SCR testing updates (Today's Trucking Online)

Mack chief says testing shows SCR technology ready (

SCR - Newsmaker of the Year (Diesel Progress)

TerraCair Ultrapure DEF Quality Certified by API (The Earth Times)

Colonial says its DEF is first to receive API certification (Truck News Online)

Colonial Chemical Company gets API license for Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Pilot to provide DEF at truck stops (Bulk Transporter)

Detroit Diesel grabs tech award (Today's Trucking Online)

Heavy-duty OBD is coming (Fleet Equipment Magazine Online)

Environmental Groups support 2010 deadlines with letter to EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson

Detroit Diesel Previews its BlueTec SCR Technology at TMC

Detroit Diesel BlueTec SCR Technology Weathers 12 Million Miles of Testing

NOx-IOUS Problem Solved by New Engines (On-site)

EPA: Recession's no reason to roll back protections (E&E News PM)

Exclusive Report: Cat out of the bag? (Today's Trucking Online)

Deadlines, Deadlines - SCR Works.....actually does have a payback (Heavy Duty Trucking, January 2009)

Study Shows SCR Preferred over EGR (Trailer.body Builders Online, 1/14/09)

Does Cat have another Life? (Today's Trucking Online, 1/14/09)

New Study Benchmarks Truck Industry Preference for EPA 2010 Emissions Technologies

Oshkosh Corporation and Detroit Diesel Corporation Reach Agreement for Supply of 2010 EPA Engines

Isuzu to Use SCR Techonology to Meet 2010 Emissions Requirements (; 1/2/09)

Volvo, Mack Stick by SCR (FleetOwner; 12/30/08)

Terra and Brenntag Team Up to Supply DEF to the U.S. (12/29/08)

Engine Manufacturers Ready to Implement 2010 Heavy-Duty Vehicle Emissions Standards


FactsAboutSCR - A comprehensive site for all things SCR

Detroit Diesel - BlueTec SCR

Cummins 2010 On-Highway Brochure (PDF)

Daimler Trucks North America (Freightliner; Western Star)

Mack Trucks

Volvo Trucks



An interview with Dave Miller, VP of Global Policy and Economic Sustainability for Con-way Freight Inc.

An interview with Steve Williams, Chairman and CEO of Maverick USA

An interview with Don Streuber, President and CEO of Bison Transport

An interview with Harry Muhlschlegel, Chairman and CEO of New Century Transportation, Inc.